The National Office of Electricity interacts with the article “Day 24” on the fall of electricity poles in Taounate

The National Office of Electricity entered the line of the article published by the “Youm 24” website, about the electrical poles that collapsed at the Ain Abdoun roundabout in the Bani Walid community in Taounate, and have become a threat for the residents of the village.

An official from the Regional Directorate of the National Electricity Office in Taounate said, in relation to “El Día 24”, that the intervention process to reinstall the damaged electric posts will begin on Sunday at the aforementioned roundabout, adding that La Regional Directorate is making great efforts to repair the poles that collapsed in several districts of Trab Taounate.

As for the causes of the erosion of the wooden pillars, which were used in the Ain Abdoun roundabout at the beginning of the third millennium, the responsible source suggested that the reason was due to the quality of the soil, pointing out that the current process of The intervention takes this aspect into account and ensures that the submerged part of the pillars does not erode into the ground.

In the context, a source from the Bani Walid Electricity Agency said that the process of counting the damaged columns has been completed, especially in the Ain Abdoun, Hajar Galal and Awlad Ghazal douars, and work to repair them will begin.