US approval to change the agreements for the acquisition of combat aircraft from Morocco – today 24

The United States Congress approved a change in the acquisition and development of Moroccan F-16 aircraft, in order to add 4 stations to the LINK 16 data link wireless information exchange system.

The main operation was the purchase of 26 stations for this system, through which it is possible to exchange field information in real time and safely between the pilot and ground command.

This news comes days after Congress requested approval of the sale of command and control ground stations that operate with the “LINK16” data link, at a time when it was confirmed that Morocco had abandoned the project to purchase four aircraft. G550 AEW&C/ELINT/SIGNIT, due to the high cost of the deal, and its tendency towards low cost solutions.

Last August, the administration of US President Joe Biden approved a potential deal to sell joint tactical wireless systems to Morocco, worth $141.1 million, the Pentagon announced.

“The Pentagon’s Defense and Security Cooperation Agency has submitted the necessary authorizations to notify the US Congress of the sale,” the ministry said, noting that the Moroccan government had requested the purchase of six tactical wireless systems, spare parts , software and updating of military systems. .

The deal will also include technical support and testing of this equipment, in addition to exercises supervised by US teams to qualify Moroccan forces on this equipment.

General Atomic Aeronautical Systems, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon and Leonardo SBE (based in Rome) will be the main contractors.

“This potential sale supports United States foreign policy and national security objectives by enhancing the security of a major non-NATO ally,” the department said in its statement.

He stressed that the deal “will support and not change the military balance in the region,” noting that Morocco is an ally that “remains an important force for political stability and economic progress in North Africa.”

He noted that the possible agreement will improve Morocco’s capabilities “to deal with current and future threats, providing intelligence information very quickly, as well as surveillance and reconnaissance for security and defense purposes.”

“Morocco has shown its commitment to modernizing its armed forces, and it will not be difficult for it to integrate the new equipment into its system,” he added.