Akhannouch’s government intends to extend the mandate of the National Press Council amid disputes – today 24

The Akhannouch government is moving towards the extension of the mandate of the National Press Council for a specific period, under the conditions determined by a decree-law, related to the enactment of special provisions for the National Press Council, which are expected to be approved by the governing council. the following Thursday.

The mandate of the National Council of the Press, elected four years ago, expires next week (Wednesday, October 5), while the process of renewing its structures was not organized before the expiration of its mandate, in the midst of a dispute between its members.

Opinions varied within the council, among those who requested the extension without holding elections, given that article VI of the constitutive law of the council establishes that the term of office is established in 4 years renewable only once, and others consider that the extension is an illegal procedure, and that renewing the mandate only once, necessarily requires organizing elections to renew the structures, while the members of the Council retain their right to run for a new term.

According to informed sources, the General Secretariat of the Government has drawn up a decree to “save parliament from the state of emptiness in which it will find itself as of October 5”, since the decree is expected to provide for an extension of the parliamentary mandate for a determined term, until the modification of the legal arsenal in the matter of Press and publishing is agreed.

The draft decree-law will specify special provisions related to the management of the National Press Council during the period after the end of its current mandate, until the renewal of its structures.