Postponement of the appeal trial of the “contract professors” to next December

Today, Monday, the Rabat Court of Appeal postponed until December 5 the trial of 45 contract teachers after their protests in Rabat.

Those convicted in the first instance were convicted of the crimes of meeting without permission, violating the state of health emergency, injuring members of the security forces in the exercise of their duties, and insulting the security forces with statements tending to attack their honor and due respect to his authority.

The teachers’ defense appealed the sentences handed down by the Court of First Instance, which last March imposed a conditional prison sentence of two months against 19 of them, with the exception of Professor Nozha Magdy, who was sentenced for 3 months in force, for “insulting an organized body.”

The Court of First Instance sentenced 13 teachers to two months of suspended imprisonment, while 12 teachers were sentenced to two months of suspended imprisonment and a fine of Dh1,000.

In conjunction with the court session on Monday, the National Coordination of Teachers organized a sit-in protest in front of the courthouse at the new Palace of Justice in the Riyadh neighborhood, denouncing the surveillance against teachers.

Teachers hired in various educational institutions also organized protest vigils denouncing the monitoring that affects their colleagues and demanding their dismissal.