Union discontent as a result of the sectoral dialogue in the Ministry of Education – Hoy 24

A few weeks before the start of the school year, tensions returned to the education sector, amid union discontent over the result of the sectoral dialogue, and demands that the government and the ministry deal positively and clearly with all the files that have been pending for years. and years without speeding up its resolution.

The National Directorate of the National University of Democratic Education expressed today, Monday, in a statement, its discontent with the state of public education and its workers, rejecting the results of the sectoral dialogue, and demanding that the government and the Ministry of Education comply with the demands of women and men for education.

The National University of Education, which has been involved from the beginning in the sectoral dialogue, has gone so far as to say that any basic system will be meaningless and aimed only at consumption and sowing illusions, if it does not address the problems of women and men of education and all workers in the sector and does not meet their expectations, as a demand unrelated to peace, with material and administrative retroactive effect For all primary and secondary teachers and apprentices, download the agreement of April 19, 2011 regarding the distinguished and the agreement of April 26, 2011 as the new degree and compensation for work in difficult and remote areas since 2009!!

The union insisted on the need for the government and the ministry to deal positively and clearly with all the files that have been pending for years and years. without speeding up its dissolution; To put an end to the suffering of women and men of education, among which the files of orientation frameworks, educational planning, national education doctors, technical assistants, administrative assistants, prison guards, cell 10, victims of the combined accidental systems, literacy components, aggregates, support frameworks and graduates of teacher training centers.

The union continues to cling to the position of categorical rejection of the hiring scheme, demanding the immediate integration of teachers and support frameworks for the public service threads “clearly and without twists or turns.” educational worker.