Moroccan artists mourn the departure of Mama Aisha El-Shenna – Today 24

Several Moroccan artists mourned the Moroccan social activist Aisha El-Shenna, who passed away on Sunday morning, September 25 due to illness, and expressed, through posts on social media, their grief at her loss.

Moroccan actor Rachid El Wali wrote a few words about the late Aisha El-Shanna, recalling the humanitarian work she had done in relation to raped Moroccan women and girls, highlighting her attachment to social and charity work, and extending a helping hand to every woman who faced the difficulties of life.

The governor wrote in a publication on his official page on “Instagram” as soon as he heard the news of the death of Moroccan Aisha Al-Shanna, in which he said:Aisha Al Shanna. May God have mercy on her… she was one of the kindest and greatest women this country has known… she was a judge of the daughters of those who were raped, or of those who were victims of juvenile indiscretions. The daughters of those who escaped from the reality of Saib and found this woman who gave them a home and a job to live with dignity.

Rachid El-Wali added in his post:The time they judged her and called her the most despicable traits and forgot that God is the one who judges… and you have to have mercy and give yourself, because each and every one of the units and the story is the same… Note that Banat himself had kindness in them. And they were born, boys and girls, who were good and successful. May God have mercy on you for Aisha. My condolences to all those who have extended their hands and defended them, we belong to God and we will return to Him”.

The Moroccan artist, Latifa Raafat, revealed an image she collected with the late Aisha El-Shanna kissing her head, in which she expressed her pain at the loss of a woman of the level she was at, and described her as the mother of everybody. Moroccans.

Raafat wrote in a short post on his official “Instagram” page, in which he said: “EWe belong to God and to Him we will return, I received with great sadness the death of the icon of the defense of women’s rights, the great human being Lalla Aisha Al-Shanna, the mother of all Moroccan women.

Actor Muhammad Al-Shoubi mourned the late Aisha Al-Shanna through his “Facebook” account, asking for forgiveness and mercy in a comment on a photo of her, writing, “We belong to God and we must return to Him. .

It should be noted that the activist of the Aisha Al-Shanna association died, on Sunday, in a private hospital in the city of Casablanca, after a fight against the disease.