Nabil and Nabila announce the coordination of their parties to create a “political reorganization” – today 24

The Progress and Socialism Parties and the United Socialist Party announced, at a meeting this morning in Rabat that brought together their political bureaus, their willingness to coordinate on issues of common interest with the aim of generating a “political reorganization.”

Nabil bin Abdullah, general secretary of the Party for Progress and Socialism, said during the meeting, organized by his party’s headquarters in Rabat, that the meeting aims to “open political horizons and explore prospects for cooperation between the two parties.” and added that the door to coordination with other parties in various fields remains open.
Bin Abdullah pointed out that partisan coordination is carried out to create movement and “joke” in the political arena.
Bin Abdullah noted that issues such as the status of freedoms, the role of institutions and the decline of parties received joint evaluation.
He pointed out that the meeting with the Political Bureau of the United Socialist Party had the objective of discussing the search for common ways so that the facts of “a political convulsion and the same as my change” involve all those who want to share part of our human rights concerns. and in the field of treatment of social conditions, and explained that the objective is to create a social citizen movement to move Moroccan society.

For her part, Nabila Mounib, general secretary of the United Socialist Party, highlighted the importance of the meeting in view of the current situation in Morocco. She called for the reconstruction of leftist thought and action to rise to the challenges.
He said that the political bureau of our party had previously launched an initiative to open up to progressive parties in order to advance Morocco towards democracy and equality.
Munib called for rejecting normalization and achieving reconciliation between the State and society, and called for the release of the Rif Movement detainees and the release of journalists.