Parliamentary demands to combat fraudulent agricultural fertilizers that are harmful to consumer health – today 24

The Moroccan National Labor Union, in the Chamber of Councilors, warned of the danger of the indiscriminate use of fertilizers and fodder in the Moroccan agricultural field.
This use, which is not subject to any international or national control or legislation, has as a consequence, according to two members of the Chamber of Councillors, Khaled Al-Sati and Lubna Alawi, “the obtaining of plant and animal products that are harmful to the Moroccan consumer ”.
It should be noted that the security authorities recently arrested a gang promoting raw materials extracted from chicken droppings, used to fatten sheep.
Al-Sati and Al-Alawi asked, in a written question, the Minister of Agriculture, Muhammad Al-Siddiqi, to reveal the procedures that can be used to legalize the use of fertilizers and fodder.