The story of a dispute between Hassan II and Al-Qaradawi over the narration of a prophetic hadith on the renewal of religion – today 24

Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, who passed away yesterday, Monday, was invited to give a religious lesson before the late King Hassan II, in the month of Ramadan, 1983, as part of the Hassani Lecture Series.

As Al-Qaradawi was about to finish his lesson, Hassan II, commenting on Al-Qaradawi’s martyrdom, intervened in his lesson on the renewal of religion with a prophetic hadith that reads: “God sends the nation at the head of every hundred years for someone to renew his religion for him,” saying, “Your Excellency, we thank you very much for this lesson, but I think there is another version of this hadith where it is “the matter of your religion,” which means that the difference was adding an “order” before your religion.

Al-Qaradawi, in his reply to the king, stated that what he had seen of narrations that include “his religion” without “order”, such as the narration of al-Hakim and al-Bayhaqi, noting that “the narration of his affair of religion is not excluded from inclusion, and cannot be denied until after reviewing all narratives.” .

Hassan II suggested to Al-Qaradawi, in the event that the novel “The Order of His Religion” was found, that he make it the title of the lesson that Al-Qaradawi gave on the renewal of religion and in which he had the responsibility for this “to the people, the scholars and the rulers.”