The investigating judge faces Al-Tazi and his wife in an extended session – today 24

The investigating judge of the Casablanca Court of Appeals is expected to complete the confrontation sessions between Dr. Hassan Tazi and those authorized in the file in the coming days.

According to “Al-Youm 24” sources, the plastic surgeon, Hassan Tazi, and his wife, Mounia Benchakroun, were confronted on September 15 in a long session, and were detained for months in the local prison (Okacha) in Casablanca.

Also, Tazi clashed with the middleman who is a social worker in the file and the financial officer in the clinic owned by the plastic doctor also in this controversial file.

The investigating judge has not yet set a date for another confrontation session, but it is likely to resume in a few days.

Mohamed Tazi, son of plastic surgeon El Hassan Tazi and Monia Benchekroun, who were followed in the arrest case on various charges, including human trafficking, appealed to King Mohammed VI for his release.

The doctor’s 16-year-old son appeared in a short video broadcast on the official website of the plastic surgeon detained in the local “Okasha” prison for several months.

He said he “pleased and begged” King Mohammed VI to release his parents, swearing they were “innocent”, and wept as he spoke of his “difficult situation like that of the rest of his family following the arrest of his father and mother in the same file”.

In said file, the doctor Tazi, who owns the clinic, his wife, who is the financier of the clinic, in addition to a nurse who works in the aforementioned clinic, his brother, an administrative officer of the same clinic, in this file are accused a mediator who works as a social worker, and three clinic employees who were released.

Hassan Tazi and those accompanying him face serious charges that carry a sentence of up to 30 years in prison, and Dr. Tazi’s indictment includes committing the felony of human trafficking by enticing people and exploiting their weakness, need and vulnerability for the purpose . of exploitation to carry out criminal acts of fraud in good faith to donors, by criminal gang and through Polygamy, habit and perpetration against minors under 18 who suffer from the disease.

He is also accused of failure to use funds obtained through victims of trafficking in persons with knowledge of the crime of trafficking in persons, failure to participate in fraud and forgery of commercial documents, providing evidence containing inaccurate facts, failure to share and use it, and the misdemeanor of medical service provider (sanitarium) who commits fraud or allows falsehood -in his capacity as director of the clinic- and the misdemeanor of illegal price increase, exploitation of the weakness and ignorance of the consumer, and the misdemeanor of engaging in the recording and distribution of photographs of persons without their consent.

He and the rest of the defendants are accused of collecting sums of money from donors under the pretext of paying medical expenses for the hospitalization of patients belonging to families in need, provided that they are treated at the clinic where most of the patients work. suspects. , where the value of medical expenses is fraudulently raised in order to seize large sums of money .

If convicted of the crime of human trafficking, Tazi faces a sentence of 20 to 30 years and a fine of 200,000 to 2 million dirhams, if the crime is committed against a minor under 18, or against a person in difficult situation. due to old age, illness or disability.