After “Salah and My Death”… Fadwa Taleb and “Thales” meet again – today 24

Comedian Abdelali Lahr, or “Talis” as audiences knew him, meets Fadwa Taleb in a new artwork after the success of the “Salah and Fati” comic series.

Fadwa Taleb directly announced his willingness to work with ‘Thales’ again by posting a set of photos of them on his official ‘Instagram’ page and promised his followers that the new would come.

Fadwa Taleb commented on the photos: “We were allowed to photograph you, but he really saw something he needed on the way.”

Actress and comedian Fadwa Talib joined the group “Imuragi” after the success of the series “Salah and My Fati”, to accompany her on her summer tours and successful festivals.