Ilham Shaheen donates all his organs after his death…”The body is the structures of the worms” – Hoy 24

Egyptian actress Elham Shaheen announced in a video clip she posted on her official “Instagram” page that she would donate all of her organs after her death.

Elham revealed that he had signed documents authorizing the right to donate all valid organs after his death, highlighting the importance of the step he had taken, which could save the lives of a group of people and not just one.

And Ilham Shaheen considered that the deceased will not lose anything after removing his organs, because he will perish and be eaten by worms, and urged the need to educate people on how to take this step and how it is done legally.

Elham said in a video clip he filmed for the media in public about donating his organs: “I announce my donation of all my healthy organs after my death, God willing, to anyone who needs them…” he added. :: “When you donate, you can benefit many people, not just one… At the same time, you will not lose anything, that is, the body will not let me finish… Being worms, on the contrary, together we will do good and we will be more humans.”

Shaheen has often caused a stir on social media as soon as she revealed her intention to donate her organs, as she revived many prohibiting fatwas taking root in people’s minds, compared to recent official fatwas allowing donation. as a humanitarian act. and charity.