The Algerian authorities stop the activities of the Catholic Church – today 24

The Algerian authorities decided to stop the activities of the Catholic Church in Algeria as of October 1. The Catholic Church in Algeria (Diocesan Assembly of Algeria) expressed regret for announcing the total and definitive closure of its service called “Caritas Algeria” during the first of October 2022, according to the request of the public authorities.

The Catholic Church confirmed in a statement that it will remain faithful to its charitable mission at the service of “fraternity in collaboration with all people of good will.”

The Catholic Church thanked all the people who, over the years, have participated in various ways in the reactivation of this work at the service of the most vulnerable and the Algerian people.

The church explained that faith brings faith in seeing the brother in the other, to be sustained and loved, adding that all human beings – equal in their mercy – are called to express this human brotherhood, to protect creation and the universe. whole and through the support of each person, especially those who need it most and those most in need. .