Trailer truck owners transform farms in Agadir into random dumps (video)

The practices of the owners of trailers settled in the farms of the Gulf region administratively subordinated to Tekwin, Agadir regions, which caused the accumulation of huge piles of domestic garbage and their disappearance in the absence of the authorities, resurfaced.

An emptying operation carried out by the public force yesterday Wednesday against a series of users of agricultural land to collect waste and garbage, -revealed- the atrocity of the environmental situation due to the presence of several random dumps between agricultural farms, which emit strong odors that they fill their noses

The activists were surprised by the amount of waste scattered among the farms in the Gulf of Agadir, and called for the intervention of state property interests to monitor the exploiters of rented agricultural spaces, at a time when it is expected that part of the mentioned site is converted. in a public park under the urban development program, according to local sources.

Despite regular security patrols by Bitcoin Police Commissioner security elements in coordination with local authorities, the aforementioned website is known to have an influx of various drug dealers and lawbreakers.