The Government affirms that Moroccan-Spanish relations are strengthened day by day thanks to an open and transparent debate

Mustapha Baitas, Delegate Minister in charge of Relations with Parliament, spokesman for the Government, affirmed this Thursday that Moroccan-Spanish relations are strengthened day after day thanks to an open and transparent debate.

He added, during the press conference after the government council, in response to journalists’ questions about the progress of the dialogue between Spain and Morocco, (he added) that this discussion between Morocco and Spain is an invocation of the principles outlined by King Muhammad VI with Pedro Sánchez, the President of the Spanish Government.

He noted that in this positive environment, various issues and issues are addressed in a very high spirit.

Relations between Morocco and Spain experienced a serious diplomatic crisis after Spain received Ibrahim Ghali, leader of the separatist militia “Polisario”, with false documents, but the crisis changed after the northern neighbor announced his support for the proposed autonomy by Morocco as a final solution to the Sahara issue.

Pedro Sánchez, President of the Spanish Government, and despite his declaration of support for autonomy, avoided mentioning his support during his speech at the United Nations General Assembly this week; What aroused the interest of Algeria, since it was considered a sign of a change in the Spanish position towards the Moroccan Sahara.