Belgian police arrest imam who tried to evade sentence to deport him to Morocco

The case of the Moroccan preacher Hassan Echoessen, whom the French authorities decided to expel from France again, has come back to the fore, after the Belgian Minister of Justice revealed the news of his arrest under a European arrest warrant issued by French justice.

According to the Belgian Minister of Justice, french mediaImam Hassan Echoessen was arrested Friday near Mons, Belgium, according to a European arrest warrant issued by the French judiciary.

Equesne fled France following the decision to expel him from France’s highest administrative body, because the Ministry of the Interior accused him of making anti-Semitic and anti-women speeches.

The French Minister of the Interior had justified the expulsion in a ministerial decree, which the imam had disseminated “to a wide public opinion since the year 2000… a discourse that incites hatred and discrimination and carries a vision of Islam contrary to the values โ€‹โ€‹of the republic”.

The Minister of the Interior revealed in early August that the imam had been included by French intelligence on the “S” list, which concerns (state security), and that “for 18 months.”