Shaima Abdel Aziz sheds tears for fear of her mother – today 24

Moroccan actress Shaima Abdel Aziz announced the news of her mother’s death due to a serious health problem, after which she was suddenly and unexpectedly taken to hospital.

Shaima expressed her great fear for her mother, as she shared the news with her followers while shedding tears of pain for what had happened to her mother, noting how she received the news while she was in a city far from her.

Shaima Abdel Aziz wished her heart would stop at her mother, expressing the extent of her attachment and her fear of losing her, after revealing her state of health, which confirmed that she had heart block in addition to her diabetes.

Shaima asked her followers on social networks to pray for her mother for a speedy recovery and that no harm befall her, as she appeared before her audience in a state of sadness and anxiety.