Associations of young lawyers join the protest against the Ministry of Justice after a “week of delay”

The Federation of Associations of Young Lawyers of Morocco decided to launch a vigil in front of the headquarters of the Ministry of Justice and organize other forms of protest to denounce the announcement of the exam for access to the legal profession without the participation of professional institutions, in addition to condemning the presentation of the bill prepared by the Ministry.

On Tuesday, the federal office of the association announced the postponement of the vigil for a week to avoid any confusion about its messages and objectives, due to its scheduled date of early October 14, with the opening of the autumn session of Parliament. .

On the other hand, the Federal Office announced the setting of a new date for its protest in Rabat, on October 21, in front of the headquarters of the Ministry of Justice, underlining that this protest would be the beginning of an escalating program of struggle to bring down what he described as the “embarrassment eraser”.

The Federation of Associations of Young Lawyers of Morocco had denounced the decision of the Ministry of Justice to announce the examination for access to the legal profession without involving professional institutions, in the absence of a solid environment worthy of receiving new groups, which was It would reflect positively on the best practice of the legal mission, and on achieving the necessary conditions for its integration and practice of the Defense mission.”

The communication highlighted that the national frameworks for lawyers have never been and will never be contrary to the admission of students to the legal profession, whatever their number, provided that the objective conditions for a dignified and equitable professional exercise are met, highlighting that the State is called to provide jobs that guarantee a decent and fair life for all Moroccan citizens, far from the illusion of marketing For students and students, seeking the absorption of unemployment through the bar exam, despite that the State does not provide the minimum conditions for sound professional practice.

A previous statement from the association condemned the way of presenting the preliminary draft law prepared by the Ministry of Justice and with it the report on various issues related to the professional practice of law in a hybrid way that constitutes a flagrant blow to the logic of transparency and collaboration, which should characterize the course of the legal profession.

In their statement, the lawyers refused, that is, “the negotiation or settlement of professional cases takes place behind dark scenes and behind closed doors, far from the transparent supervision of all protected areas and lawyers,” calling “all parties involved to submit bills on the legal profession, civil procedure and criminal procedure for public and transparent discussion, according to a genuinely participatory approach, with institutions and professional frameworks for lawyers, far from the formulas of overlapping dictation and establishment of deadlines alarm clock for hastily cooked notes, and formal gatherings for group photos and compliments.”

The communication considered that the battle to purge the justice system with all its components of all manifestations of corruption, that is, the battles that all honorable people must unite and intensify their efforts to wage until they are abandoned, guaranteeing the conditions for healthy professional exercise and the real independence of the judiciary, surprising the same source, the persistence of corruption files that had previously been announced that an investigation had been opened in this regard, without results that specified the responsibilities, and the legal consequences of the same.