Tuesday’s weather… scattered rain and thunder in several areas – today 24

The General Directorate of Meteorology forecasts, on Tuesday, the formation of local fog masses near the coasts of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, as well as the descent of raindrops accompanied by local thunder in the southeast of the eastern region.

The weather will remain relatively warm in the southern provinces, with some dust scattered in the south of the country.

The minimum temperatures will range between 08 and 13 degrees in the Atlas Highlands, between 11 and 17 degrees in the eastern region, the countryside and the foothills of the southeast, and between 22 and 28 degrees in the southern regions, and will be between 16 and 22 degrees in the rest of the Kingdom.

As for maximum temperatures, they will rise in the southern and southeastern provinces and will drop slightly in the rest of the country.

The sea will be calm on the Mediterranean front and calm to somewhat rough from the gases, and between Cap Spartel and Mahdia, and from somewhat rough to rough on the rest of the coasts.