Rumors about Ibtisam entering the golden cage – today 24

Recently, comments have circulated on social networks about the association of the Moroccan artist, Ibtisam Tiskat, and the proximity of the date of admission to the golden cage.

These comments claim that Ibtisam actually celebrated his engagement party last week with a young man in his thirties, in the presence of his small family and close people.

“Al-Youm 24” tried to contact Ibtisam Tiskat to verify the authenticity of the news, but there was no response. He also tried to connect the call with his business manager, Rahal Al-Wazzani, several times, but he rejected the response. Successively.

Several social media celebrities congratulated Ibtisam Tiskat as he commented on a photo of her birthday party, “Eid Two Eids”.

It is worth mentioning that Ibtisam Tiskat celebrated his 30th birthday earlier this month, of which he shared details with his fans through his official “Instagram” account, posting photos and videos documenting this.