The issue of gas quality comes to Parliament after complaints from citizens that their cars broke down – today 24

After several citizens of the city of Casablanca complained about the poor quality of the cassole, which caused technical problems in the engines of their vehicles; The Progress and Socialism team of the House of Representatives questioned the government about the quality of the caszule distributed in Morocco.

In this context, MP Nadia Tohamy, member of the Progress and Socialism team of the House of Representatives, addressed a written question to Leila Benali, Minister of Energy Transition and Sustainable Development, about the quality of the cassole distributed in Morocco.

He said that “a recent incident occurred at one of the fuel distribution stations for motor vehicles in the city of Casablanca, which again sparked the discussion on the issue of the quality of the Casazol that is distributed in the domestic market.” He added that “the problem also occurred in the city of Rabat, and there is no doubt that it also occurred in other regions of the country.”

He explained: “I was left in the bitterness of the situation in which many vehicle owners who used this type of cassole in their cars found themselves in recent days, after discovering a series of mechanical and electronic imbalances in the engine systems of their vehicles.”

And he stressed that “these citizens were assured, based on the opinions of the specialists, that the reason for this was because of its poor quality, which motivated them to protest about it, especially because it would cost them a lot to repair it, not to mention deprive them of using their cars during the period of their hiatus”.

On the other hand, those affected wonder who will be responsible for compensating them for these losses, and if the insurance companies will intervene for it.

In the same context, the parliamentarian urged the corresponding ministry to “adopt a series of measures to strengthen control over imports of this type of fuel from our country, to reveal the extent of its complete purity of all the excesses that may have been mix with as a result of loading, unloading and storage operations, or certain materials are added for purposes of Fraud and commercial disloyalty, and precautionary sanctions against manipulators in this sector.

Consequently, the same source, Leila Benali, asked about the circumstances and circumstances of the sale of poor-quality Kazoal at fuel distribution stations, and ways to compensate those affected for the losses suffered by their vehicles as a result of its use of it, as well as the measures that the government will adopt to prevent this type from entering the national market, and the measures that will be taken to prohibit Fraud in this field?