A person dies during clashes in a football match of the Argentine League – today 24

One person was killed the day before yesterday, Thursday, during violent clashes, near the stage of a match of the Argentine Football League, on the outskirts of the Buenos Aires capital, between Boca Juniors and Jimnasia e Esgrima, knowing that the riot spread to the stands and the field, according to the authorities.

And the France-Presse agency indicated that the police fired rubber bullets and tear gas, outside the Juan Carmelo Serio stadium in La Plata, some 50 kilometers south of the Argentine capital, in an attempt to prevent fans from assaulting the stadium already packed.

The same source revealed that the unrest continued inside, as fans were seen in shock as they tried to get around the fence to escape the violence and go to the stadium.

In the same context, Sergio Berni, Minister of Security of the province of Buenos Aires, where the first division match was played, said: “I can confirm the death of one person. This person died of cardiac arrest.”

Referee Hernán Mastrangelo said, minutes after the players and coaching staff left the field for the locker room, that the game was suspended after nine minutes until further notice “due to lack of (security) guarantees.”

The referee continued: “It affected all of us on the pitch. The air became unbreathable. The situation got out of control and there were no security guarantees.”

Authorities of the San Martín de La Plata Hospital confirmed the death of a 57-year-old man due to cardiac arrest when he was transferred from the stadium to the hospital.

Many fans, including children accompanied by their parents, ran out of the stands and jumped onto the pitch, where people were seen sitting or lying down to recover from the tear gas.

These events come at a crucial moment in the league, four stages from the end, as this stage represented Jimnasia’s last chance to remain in contention for the title, while Boca Juniors hoped to rise to the top.