Badr Hari announces his retirement from kickboxing after losing to Overeem – today 24

The Moroccan fighter Badr Hari announced his definitive retirement from kickboxing on Saturday, after his defeat, moments before, against the Dutchman Alistair Overeem, during the “COLLISION4” evening, organized by kickboxing “Glory”, in the Dutch city of Arnhem.

Badr Hari, 37, decided to retire from the game, after not achieving the victory that he had missed since 2015, knowing that he had not achieved any victory since joining the Glory Kickboxing organization.

“I’ve been thinking about retiring for a while,” said the Moroccan fighter, who officially announced his retirement after his loss today.

“I have faced the best fighters and I don’t have much to prove,” added Harry, who did not achieve his first victory in 7 years, during which he received many consecutive losses.

Badr Hari, the two-time world champion, won 106 matches in his professional career, 92 of them by knockout, against 17 losses and two no-shows.

Badr Hari (born December 8, 1984 in Amsterdam) is a Moroccan-Dutch professional wrestler, specializing in the K-One combat sport.

Harry grew up in the Netherlands and chose to fight under the banner of his Moroccan origins, knowing that he won the titles of Ki-One World Heavyweight Champion (2007-2008), Showtime World Heavyweight Champion (2009-2010) and then runner-up in the K-1 The Great World Award Final (2009-2008).

It should be noted that Badr Hari has faced Alistair on two previous occasions, where Ofrim settled the first fight in his favor in 2008 with a knockout, then the Moroccan star was able to avenge his Dutch opponent in the second fight, and was also knocked out. it came out in 2009.