Ministry of Culture fails to protect archaeological sites, 66 of which were vandalized (video) – Hoy 24

Ibn Zohr University research professor Abdelhadi Fak said, “The number of rock art sites that have been vandalized is 66 that were inventoried by stakeholders during the period from 2012 to 2022,” noting that the The Ministry of Culture is still unable to protect these sites due to the lack of human and financial resources.

The academic researcher attributed in a press conference yesterday, Friday, in Agadir, after the sabotage incident at the “Wakhir” archaeological site in the Katawa community in the Zagora areas, the reasons for this to the action of the human element, since these the sites are exploited and quarried at random, in addition to some preparation projects and the completion of roads without creating a feasibility study and the impact on the ocean, while some antiquities theft gangs steal the unique paintings, in addition to the involuntary vandalism of these stony places by children and shepherds.”

He stressed that the creation of a special legal arsenal to protect rock inscriptions and artifacts is the main approach to protect these monuments, since it is necessary to provide the Ministry of Culture with the possible capacities to put in enough work to protect these monuments.

He wondered: “How is it possible that the Ministry has specialists in archeology and cave art, and appoints them to positions far removed from their specialties?”

He has also highlighted the importance of raising awareness to deal with the phenomenon of the sabotage of monuments, holding the media, associations and the education and training sector responsible, and has called for these feats to be valued and rehabilitated through the creation of tourist orbits that include rock inscriptions and turn them into a material resource. for the neighbors who live next door.