The increase in the salary of higher education teachers was absent in the first meeting held by a technical commission chaired by Lekja

The head of the National Union for Higher Education, Jamal Al-Din Al-Sabbani, said: “The first meeting of the technical committee between the union and the government, yesterday, Friday, did not address any point related to the increase in salaries of university professors”.

Al-Sabbani added, in relation to the website (Youm 24), that the meeting held by the Technical Committee reviewed the most prominent imbalances experienced by the higher education sector, which will continue to be discussed at the meeting to study ways to overcome them. .

On whether the salary increase was the subject of an objection by the Budget Minister, Fawzi Lakjaa, given the economic situation, which, according to sources, motivated his appointment by Akhannouch to chair the technical committee.

The Delegate Minister for the Budget, Fawzi Lakjaa, confirmed his ministry’s willingness to study the compensation proposal for professors and researchers, included in the May 2021 agreement, and present a presentation on it at the second meeting scheduled for Friday. October 14th. 2022; This will be followed by a third and final meeting at sea the following week.

The head of the National Union for Higher Education revealed the emphasis of the meeting on the need to carry out an evaluation of the reform that was carried out within the framework of the National Charter for Education and Training, issued by a royal committee formed by the late King Hassan II in the late 1990s.

The meeting of the mixed commission held at the Ministry of Economy and Finance, which lasted approximately three and a half hours, in which the different aspects of the reform in its entirety were presented, on which the higher education system depends and scientific research for a real take-off of the system and the development of higher education in Morocco.

According to Al-Sabbani, the most notable imbalances in the higher education sector appear through a quick reading of the statistics for the year 2021, according to which Morocco has 432 university institutions, part of which is attached to the ministry of tutelage. and part is affiliated with other ministries.

He added that within this total of higher education institutions, there are 51 university institutions with open polarization, and they face great pressure, since 88 percent of students are enrolled, while 12 percent continue their studies in 381 university institutions. with limited polarization. , indicating that this highlights an obvious imbalance.

The meeting, which developed quickly, also discussed, according to Al-Sabani, “the file on the financial independence of the university, which is experiencing a long delay in the disbursement of the budget related to scientific research, in addition to providing the due conditions to make the university an attractive destination for Moroccan competitions from inside and outside of Morocco”, emphasizing that the university will be an attractive destination for Moroccan competitions from inside and outside Morocco, a detail that will be detailed in future meetings .

It should be noted that salaries for university professors start at about Dh13,000 at the beginning of the journey and reach Dh20,000 during promotion to the level of higher education professor. With the proposed increases, the university professor’s salary will start at about Dh15,000, while the higher education professor’s salary will reach about Dh24,000.