Monday’s weather… thunder showers over the Atlas and the countryside – today 24

The General Directorate of Meteorology forecasts, for Monday, showers in the High Atlas and Middle Atlas, the western border regions, the eastern region, the southeast, the eastern countryside and the phosphate plateaus.

Clouds coming from the south are also expected to overshadow the southern desert regions, where they will create the opportunity for raindrops accompanied by local thunder, while the sky will be some cloudy to partly cloudy with scattered droplets in the far southwestern United Kingdom, with foggy masses accompanied by scattered drops near the coasts.

The weather will be quite warm in the extreme south of the country.

The minimum temperatures will range between 06 and 14 degrees in the highlands of the Atlas and Rif, and between 22 and 26 degrees in the east and south of the desert regions and in the extreme southeast, and will be between 15 and 22 degrees in general in the rest of the Kingdom. During the day, temperatures will drop in the north, east and center of the Kingdom, with some rise in the south.

The sea will be calm to slightly rough on the Mediterranean front and gases, and slightly rough to rough on the ocean coasts.