A newborn in Taounate is named after the Horizons Federation of Citizen Associations and Competences – Hoy 24

In a step that aims to unify the efforts of the associative fabric in the area of ​​Tahr-Souk and its Ahwaz in the suburbs of Taounate, the Youth House of the commune of Marnissa witnessed, the day before yesterday, Sunday, the rise of a boy named “ Horizons Federation for Citizens’ Associations and Competitions of Mernissah and the Upper Wargha Basin”.

Hisham Shteiwi, head of the federation, revealed, in connection with “The 24th”, that the matter is related to a representation of 15 associations that are active on the ground of the Marnissa region and the upper Wargha basin, including Merniss Nostalgia. Association for Heritage, Tourism and Sports of the municipality of Tahr al-Souq, and the Association for the Generation of the Mountain for Development on behalf of the Fanasa Bab al-Hait group and the Rawafed Al-Khair Association for Development and Solidarity on behalf of the Tamdit group, as well as the Loving Generation Association for Development on behalf of the Tahr Al-Souq Municipality.

The federal fabric included the Moroccan Muhammadiyah Scout Organization in the locality of the Tahr al-Souq group, the Gota de Agua Association and the parallel activities of the Bani and Najl Tafraout group, in addition to the Oued Kasbah Association for Development and Sport in Fanasa. the Bab al-Hayt group, the Mountain People Association for Sustainable Development of the Bouhouda group, and the Ouzai Association for Rural Development belonging to the Tamdit group, as well as the Afaq Association for Education and Culture on behalf of the municipality of Tahr al-Souq, in addition to the Association of Wisdom for Development, Cooperation and Sport on behalf of the Bab al-Hayt group, and the Association of the New Generation for Development on behalf of the Bani and Ibn Tafraout group.

The Bouadel group was attended by the Association for Development and the Environment, the Tawaza Association for Culture and Development on behalf of the Bani Walid group, as well as the Fanasa Bab Al-Hayt Association for Sustainable Agricultural Development.

In a related context, a member of the federation said that the context that established this initiative is related to a greater need for associative fabric and citizen skills in the Marnissa – Tahr Al-Souk region and the Upper Wargha Basin, within the framework from the networking of the activities of these events, their participation in local development programs, and the defense of the problems of the region as General.