Fatiha, “My daily routine”, faces a sentence of up to two years in prison – today 24

Tomorrow, Wednesday, the first hearings of Fatiha’s “daily life” trial are expected to be held, accompanied by her husband, in the Temara Court of First Instance; After they released a videotape, it is considered an insult to public decency.

Fatiha and her husband continue to be detained in Al-Arajat prison, after documenting disturbing scenes inside their home, with the publication and promotion of this digital content that violates public modesty on social networks and on the YouTube channel of Fatiha.

Fatiha is accused of publishing and promoting digital content through information systems that includes a public violation of modesty, and article 483 of the Moroccan Penal Code establishes that anyone who commits a public violation of modesty, by willful nudity or obscenity in signs or actions, shall be punished with imprisonment from one month to two years and a fine of one hundred and twenty to five hundred dirhams.

In the same context, the intellectuals, through an open petition to sign on social networking sites in Morocco, called on all institutions and agencies of various official and civil sites, especially human rights, educational, media sites and cultural, so that they urgently intervene to put an End to the nonsense spread on social networks, which has nothing to do with freedom of expression.

The signatories of the text of the petition, among whom are journalists, writers, doctors, researchers, employees and lawyers, expressed their disapproval and repudiation of “the idleness and trivialities that have invaded social networks in recent times.”

The content of the petition adds that there has been “competition to publish content that perpetuates ignorance, fluidity, discrimination and abuse of the image of women, in addition to the dissolution and promotion of hate speech in language and images that degrade human dignity, while underestimating the feasibility of education, competition, and role models, in order to achieve the highest levels of following and viewing in order to reap quick financial gains and false fame.”