Morocco signs an agreement with Russia to build a nuclear power plant

Russia and Morocco have signed an agreement to build a nuclear power plant on Moroccan territory, within the framework of joint cooperation between the two countries in the peaceful nuclear field.

channel said,russia today“The areas of cooperation were identified in the draft agreement, which included the development of energy infrastructure in Morocco, through the construction and design of nuclear reactors, the establishment of water desalination plants, as well as the exploration of deposits of uranium in Morocco, and the development of scientific research for the uses of nuclear energy in the medical and industrial fields.

Details of the draft agreement ratified by the Russian government for cooperation with Morocco in the field of nuclear energy, which includes 14 points related to Rabat’s assistance in the engineering and construction of the infrastructure, the cooling system, the accelerator of ions, the provision of services related to the supply of nuclear fuel, participation in the exploration of minerals and the formation of frameworks that will supervise the station.

It should be noted that Morocco has adhered for months to the policy of disengagement and neutrality in the face of Russian military intervention in Ukraine, although it chose last April to side with the US-Western side against Russia, participating in an international conference dedicated to military support for Ukraine, where Abdellatif Lodi, Minister Delegate to the Presidency of the Government in Charge of the National Defense Administration, spoke at the international conference entitled “Consultative Group for the Defense of Ukraine”, organized by the US Department of Defense Ramstein Air Base in Germany, attended by representatives from 40 countries.

Morocco did not issue official statements about its participation in this conference or about its change of position regarding the Russian intervention in Ukraine, at a time when the positions expressed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and African Cooperation and Moroccans residing abroad based on expressing concern about the evolution of the situation between Russia and Ukraine, and refusing to use force between neighbors to resolve differences, the need to adhere to international law, preserve the territorial integrity of all UN member states and support the dialogue.

Morocco also missed two sessions of the United Nations General Assembly in which the majority voted to condemn the Russian attack on Ukraine, as well as a third session devoted to condemning Russia at the Human Rights Council.