Poisoned “couscous” causes the death of a young man

The Chtouka Royal Gendarmerie opened a judicial investigation into the death of a young man, aged no more than 15, due to eating poisoned couscous last Monday during one of the religious seasons in the mountainous district of Ait Baha.

According to a well-informed source, it was recorded that a young man died of serious poisoning as a result of eating a meal of couscous that was prepared three days ago during a religious season attended by notables and residents of the Ait Fares area of ​​the community of Ait Wadrim, coinciding with the commemoration of the anniversary of the birth of the Prophet.

And private sources justified for “Day 24”, the prevalence of diarrhea, vomiting and similar symptoms in more than twenty individuals in the region in the last two days, for eating the same food (the well-known couscous), that the majority of them kept in the refrigerators of their houses.

In addition, some of the injured were successively transferred to the emergency hospital of the Mokhtar Soussi Regional Hospital in Beukri, where most of them left the hospital after their health condition stabilized, while three of them were forced to undergo treatment under the supervision of the attending medical team, while two people were transferred to intensive care at Hassan II Regional Hospital in Agadir due to their rapidly deteriorating condition.