Mouloudia Oujda gets his first three points this season by defeating Olympique Safi – Today 24

Mouloudia Oujda scored his first three points this season, after his 2-1 victory over Olympique Safi, in the match played today, Friday, at the Al Massira Stadium, for the sixth round of the professional championship of his first division.

Mouloudia Oujda started the game in his first round without an introduction, after he managed to open the scoring through player Anas Nawader from minute four, to bring the same player back after seven minutes, and give Olympique Safi an equalizer, scoring an error in your own network.

The two teams sought to visit the net for the second time during the first round, but the rush and lack of concentration prevented them from achieving their goals, knowing that they were missing real scoring opportunities, especially MC Oujda, who was denied the crossbar by scoring the goal. second goal, so the first half ended with a positive draw.

Mouloudia Oujda managed to get to the net in the 62nd minute with a header from Abdelkader Kiboua, on his first touch after entering, Tariq Mustafa made many changes to remedy the matter, and amend the result to be in the lead, even if temporarily, pending all the matches of the sixth day, and the meetings postponed for the fifth day.

And things continued like this for the remaining minutes, an attack here and there, to modify the result of Olympique Safi, and to score the third goal of Mouloudia Oujda, without any party being able to achieve their objective, so the game ended. with Sinbad Al Sharq’s two-goal victory over Masfavi’s Shark, and he breathes a sigh of relief, having achieved his first victory this season.

Mouloudia Oujda raised his score to five points in 11th place on a temporary basis, while Olympique Safi’s balance was frozen at the tenth point of the top of the professional tournament on a temporary basis, pending the completion of all matches of the sixth day. Youth.