The Economic, Social and Environmental Council launches citizenship consultations with the Moroccans of the world

The Economic, Social and Environmental Council announced the launch of a citizen consultation through its digital platform ( to obtain representations of the Moroccans of the world, their opinions and suggestions on a series of files.

In a statement in this regard, the Council indicated that this step is part of the preparation of its study on the problems of Moroccans in the world, and to crystallize forms of thought and action that strengthen the ties of belonging to their homeland, and improve their contribution to the development dynamics of the country.

The Council has developed a questionnaire in seven languages ​​(Arabic, English, German, Spanish, French, Dutch and Italian) addressed to the Moroccans of the world, regardless of their country of birth or residence or of the additional nationalities they possess.
Through this consultation, the Council intends to deepen the reflection on the following questions: 1) How can the rights and interests of Moroccans abroad and at home be better protected? 2) How can Moroccans around the world be better involved in the success of the national development model? and 3) How can obstacles be overcome and the representation and active participation of Moroccans around the world strengthened in the formulation of public policies that concern them?

The responses of the participants and participants in the consultation will contribute to enrich the analyzes and recommendations that the Economic, Social and Environmental Council will present in order to strengthen the ties of belonging, and expand and improve the quality of services aimed at this large part Moroccans, in order to improve their contribution to the political, economic and developmental dynamism of Morocco.

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