Thousands go out on Saturday to protest against the Tunisian president – today 24

Faced with the escalation of popular anger over the lack of fuel and food, thousands of protesters came out Saturday to demonstrate against President Qais Saeed, raising slogans denouncing his recent decisions to strengthen his political authority.

The protests were called by the Ennahda Islamic Movement and the Free Constitutional Party, which, despite their differences, are currently united in opposition to the president, whom they accuse of carrying out a coup against democracy.

“The people want the fall of the regime,” chanted thousands of supporters of the Free Constitutional Party, a slogan chanted during the 2011 Tunisian revolution that paved the way for democracy and sparked the Arab Spring protests.

In another area in the center of the capital, thousands of supporters of Ennahda and its allied parties gathered and began a march towards the site of the demonstration.

The clashes took place on the night of Friday, Saturday, in a neighborhood of the Tunisian capital, between police and a group of protesters, after the death of a young man after being injured during a chase by security forces more than a month ago .

In the “Al-Tadamon neighborhood”, security forces used tear gas and fired rubber bullets to disperse groups of protesters, witnesses told AFP, according to the Al-Hurra website.

Non-governmental organizations accuse the security forces of adopting methods reminiscent of the police state of the Zine El Abidine Ben Ali regime, since the current president, Kais Saied, monopolized the authorities in the country, according to AFP.

Said, who rules by decree after suspending parliament last year and expanding its powers with a new constitution approved in a referendum last July, said measures are needed to save Tunisia from years of crisis.