A schoolboy drowned in a well in Chishawa district – today 24

Last Thursday, a high school student in a village community in Chishawa district was killed after drowning in a water-filled ditch.

Sources from the region indicated that the living dead named “Hisham K”, born in 2009, played with his companions without realizing that there was a pit located more than two and a half meters deep in the roundabout of the machine in the group. Zawiya Al-Nahliyah.

The same sources reported that the hole in which the victim drowned was made by a neighbor on a property he owned, in order to connect it to the sewage system of his residence. As soon as they learned of the accident, the local authorities, headed by the Royal Gendarmerie, went to the scene, where the body was recovered, and an investigation was opened to find out the circumstances of the event, based on the instructions of the competent Public Ministry. .