15 immigrants arrested in the forests of Nador after clashes, fearing an attack on the Melilla fence

Authorities in the city of Nador arrested 15 migrants residing in a forest known to harbor migrants on the outskirts of occupied Melilla, amid controversy between human rights defenders and security authorities over the reasons for their arrest.

The Moroccan Association for Human Rights in Nador said that the 15 immigrants who were arrested last weekend and who are expected to be brought before the Prosecutor’s Office, were sleeping in a tent in the forest known to house homeless immigrants, and were arrested during an inspection by the security authorities.

On the other hand, Moroccan security sources told the agency:everybody“The Spanish officer, that the intervention to detain the migrants took place in the context of some confrontations that took place around three in the morning, in which a group of about 40 or 50 migrants participated, and during the raid, the Moroccan authorities used a helicopter.

Together with this intervention and arrests, the same sources conveyed Moroccan and Spanish fears that what happened on June 24 will be repeated, when more than a thousand immigrants organized a massive incursion into occupied Melilla, which left 24 dead.

These fears are fueled by what was said about hundreds of migrants, most of them Sudanese, traveling for days to cities near Nador to try to return to occupied Melilla.

It should be noted that the new arrests occur less than a week after the Nador National Court issued prison sentences against 15 Sudanese immigrants, arrested by the Moroccan authorities when they tried to storm the border crossing between Nador and Melilla on June 24. busy. . The sentences were divided between 3 years in prison for 8 immigrants and 2 years in prison for 7 immigrants.