An upcoming cabinet council today modifies the agenda of the “advisers” session to hold the government to account

King Mohammed VI is expected to preside, this Tuesday night, a ministerial council in which the guidelines of the finance bill for the year 2023 will be presented, which has led the office of the Chamber of Councilors to modify the program of the weekly session devoted to government accountability.

The Council office reduced the number of questions scheduled in the oral question session, from 23 questions (3 sectors) that were scheduled for a session after the close of the day, to only 11 questions (one sector of government), so that the ministers could attend the Ministerial. Council.

Only the Minister of Higher Education will attend the oral question session, which is scheduled for no more than one hour, while in the oral question session the programs of the economy, finance and energy transition sectors were cancelled.

Last Wednesday, Prime Minister Aziz Akhannouch chaired a government council that initially heard a presentation by the economy and finance minister on preparatory procedures to prepare a finance bill for fiscal year 2023, according to a government source.

The government council, which met last Wednesday, could have seen the international protocols and agreements presented by Nasser Bourita, Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccans living abroad, before submitting them to the Council of Ministers.

After the King presides over the cabinet scheduled for Tuesday, Akhannouch will invite his ministers to another government council, which will be dedicated to examining the finance bill for the year 2023, with the prospect of sending it to the Parliament office. , no later than tomorrow, Thursday, October 20, in accordance with the legal requirements that frame the stages Preparation and approval of the Treasury Bill for the year