14 immigrants arrive in Spain on a ship that sailed from the coast of Alhucemas – today 24

The Spanish Maritime Rescue Agency announced this Sunday that it had transferred 14 people of North African origin, all men, to the Granada port of Motril, after they were rescued at dawn this morning 40 kilometers south of the Granada coast while They were on a ship.

The organization said, according to the Spanish news agency, that it was the migrants who issued an initial notice around 3:40 am asking for help and sharing the coordinates of their presence in the Mediterranean to take them to the place. port where they arrived after eight in the morning.

Once in the port, the agency assures that the migrants, among whom there may be a minor, said they had left by boat from Morocco, specifically from one of the beaches in the Alhucemas region.

According to Spanish sources, the migrants received care from the Red Cross, and all were in good physical condition, and after this assistance, they underwent diagnostic tests for “COVID”, before being transferred to the temporary reception center available in the Port of Motril, where they will remain for the next 72 hours.