Wastewater… the government seeks to mobilize 100 million cubic meters by 2027, including 22 golf course irrigation projects

The government aims to fill 100 million cubic meters of treated wastewater annually by 2027.

Through this water, 87 projects will be implemented, including 22 projects for the irrigation of golf courses, with a total financial value of around 2.34 billion dirhams.

During the period between 2020 and 2021, as stated in the presentation note of the Treasury Bill 2023, 10 treated wastewater reuse projects were scheduled with a total financial cost of 662.7 million dirhams, including 343 million of dirhams from the budget of the Integrated National Program for Disinfection and Reuse of Liquids Treated wastewater.

The volume of reused water is currently about 23.66 million cubic meters. The treated water reuse program is part of the government’s management of the problem of managing economic resources, following the critical water situation in Morocco.