The vice president of the Guelmim Region Council is prohibited from traveling abroad – today 24

Special sources told Al-Youm 24 that the second vice president of the Guelmim Wadnoun region was prevented from traveling abroad by the authorities, when he was about to travel to Spain.

The same sources expressed reservations about revealing the legal background behind the travel ban, while at the same time revealing the details of preventing the person in question from traveling out of the country at Casablanca’s Mohammed V airport on Wednesday, after was in the process. he to carry out the legal procedures to travel to Spain, accompanied by members of the delegation that accompany him, including the person in charge of the organization and seven other members.

It is reported that the controversial second vice president of Guelmim Ouednoune was robbed in Hollywood about a month ago, as a significant amount of money was stolen from the party car he used for his transport in Agadir, which amounted to 60 million cents, after which he filed a complaint with the security authorities, who have started their investigations in this regard.

A video clip from the surveillance cameras, of which the website obtained a copy, showed a masked infiltration of the interested party’s car after it was able to track his movements and surprise him near a well-known cafe in the Tasila neighborhood that is administratively affiliated. with the Deshira jihadist group in the Inezgane-Ait Melloul region.