Morocco and Israel lead negotiations for the United Nations Declaration on Epidemic Prevention, Preparedness and Response

For the first time, Morocco and Israel are preparing to lead a joint operation in the United Nations General Assembly, in order to discuss a resolution related to prevention, preparedness and response to epidemics.

Today, Thursday, the Israeli Foreign Ministry said that Morocco and Israel have been chosen to lead the discussion and negotiation process on the United Nations General Assembly resolution to be held in September 2023 on the preparation for a pandemic.

The ambassadors of Morocco and Israel to the United Nations, Omar Hilal and Gilad Erdan, will lead the procedures aimed at obtaining the approval of the member states on the decision to be taken in this regard.

This cycle will be characterized by the holding of consultations with all the member states of the United Nations, which will be supervised by Morocco and Israel, with a view to the adoption of a political declaration at the level of heads of state and government.

This important declaration, the first of its kind, has as its main objective to mobilize political will at the national, regional and international levels for the prevention, preparedness and response to epidemics, and will contribute to the global process, currently led by the World Health Organization Health, with the aim of developing an agreement or an international legal mechanism on the matter, according to the constitution of the World Health Organization.

This declaration will also provide the necessary mechanisms and insights to enable the international community to better prepare for global epidemics, especially with regard to health and economic systems, supply chains, labor markets, public confidence and social stability. and politics.

It should be noted that since Morocco reestablished its relations with Israel, its ambassador to the United Nations, Omar Hilal, met with his Israeli counterpart and held a series of meetings, during which bilateral coordination was agreed upon at the level of the two missions in the The United Nations also supervised joint activities and organized a celebration of the first anniversary of the restoration of Rabat’s relations with Asriel.