Parliamentarians demand the completion of the construction of a Koranic school founded by Hassan II in Tangier – Hoy 24

The parliamentary representative of the Socialist Group in the House of Representatives, Abdel Qader Al-Taher, called on the Minister of Endowments and Islamic Affairs Ahmed Al-Tawfiq to complete the construction of the Koranic School of Ancient Education, located in Dar Zhiro, in the community of Hajar Al-Nahl in the prefecture of Tangier-Asilah.

The school, according to a written question, “The late King Hassan II ordered its construction and named it after the Crown Prince Sidi Muhammad School for the Seven Recitations, where an annual season was held to seal the Holy Quran at the end of the school year.”

He added that “it is considered one of the most important and ancient schools of ancient education in the region, due to its special relationship with the population and its attachment to this religious parameter.”

He also specified that its demolition and reconstruction was authorized by the Ministry in 2011, when the percentage of construction exceeded 70 percent, but it was stopped for technical and empirical reasons.

The school was inaugurated in 1964, according to the magazine “Da’wat al-Haqq” affiliated with the Ministry of Awqaf.

And every year, Dar Zhiru witnessed a scientific and economic season attended by the city worker, during which cash prizes were distributed to students and teachers of the school. Correct intonation.