A meeting between the Association of Bar Associations and the ministers of Justice, Finance and Budget next Monday to discuss taxes at the request of the leaders of the majority teams

The office of the Association of Moroccan Bar Associations will meet this Monday in the Chamber of Representatives with the Minister of Justice, Abdellatif Wahbi, the Minister of Economy and Finance, Fattah Alaoui, and the Delegate Minister for the Budget, Faouzi Lekjaa.

Attendance will be limited to members of the bar association board, bar captains and the former president of the bar association.

This meeting takes place at the request of the heads of the majority government groups in Parliament.

This meeting will address the aggravating controversy following the passage of a finance bill next year for a new method of extracting taxes from lawyers.

This controversy has been increasing between the lawyers and the Ministry of Justice since Wehbe announced a series of decisions that the lawyers did not like, among which the direction of the entrance exam for the legal profession stands out, as well as his presentation of both civil court bills and criminal proceedings. However, the tax issue overwhelmed the cup, causing protests in the courts and threats to freeze its work.