The Secretary-General’s statement fails to bring the issue of Al-Mu’tasim into the corridors of politics open to any interpretation – today 24

Muhammad Yatim, leader of the Justice and Development Party, said, in solidarity with the turmoil of the Al-Mu’tasim Mosque, who was discovered occupying a position entrusted with a mission within the presidency of the government of Aziz Akhannouch, that “the The interpretation contained in the Secretary-General’s statement failed when he took the issue to the corridors of politics that is open to any interpretation, and the first was to adopt the Legal interpretation for the calamity.”

In his response to the al-Mu’tasim whirlwind, Yatim emphasized that no political meaning should be given to the case of an employee choosing to remain in the post of appendix…just as no political interpretation should be given to the fact that a number of party members and some of their officials continue to be employed in a ministerial sector on an original appointment or by appendix status.

Going over the rationale for the legal status of employees and the difference between them and political positions that are originally linked to the prime minister’s office or ministers, Yatim said there is a big difference between a working group in the prime minister’s office minister position, which is a political position, and working at the head of the government, which is a functional job that has nothing to do with political affiliation.

And the leader of the Baijidi revealed, in a post on his official page on the social network Facebook, that the work on the Diwan begins and ends with the end of the government mandate and the departure of the Prime Minister from this position. peoples, some of which are in a position to join from multiple government sectors.

Yatim also explained, while defending Al-Mu’tasim, that employees who are in a secondment position have the right to integrate into the new workplace after three years of working there according to the law, commenting: After the end of his mission as Director of the Prime Minister’s Office.

Yateem added in his response to the uproar caused by Al-Mu’tasim: “What happened is that the Directorate of Human Resources, after the tasks of the advisers in the Prime Minister’s office, gave these people the option to return to their original jobs or continuing in the position of attached to the presidency of the government, where some of them choose to return to their original jobs, while some remain in the position of attached… and today there are a number of employees who preferred to remain in this position in the prime minister’s office before the advent of justice and development… and their tasks are not political tasks, that is, related to the minister’s office…”