The Minister of Agriculture commits to accelerating support programs to alleviate the shortage of milk

The Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, Mohamed Seddiqi, has assured that “the milk production chains in Morocco are suffering an exceptional drought”, in response to a question, this Tuesday, in the Chamber of Councilors about the lack of this substance in the markets in the last period.

These chains, according to the minister, “reach a number of transactions estimated at about 13,000 million dirhams, while their added value is about 6,000 million dirhams”. Milk production is concentrated in irrigated areas, and 90 percent of these areas are concentrated in 9 regions.

The minister confirmed that his ministry is in “continuous communication with professionals”, in order to “guarantee adequate supply in the market”, and announced the formation of a monitoring committee that will accompany the measures taken at the government level, on support for compound feed. , designated for this purpose, noting that his ministry launched a first part, the To start a second part at a later time. He also mentioned that a decree is in the process of being published that will allow milking wheels to be subsidized with 4,000 dirhams, while artificial insemination will be reorganized after registering some defects in its previous stages.