Accountability of the Minister of Higher Education for the lack of university campuses in Safi – today 24

MP Rachid Bouktaia, a member of the Authenticity and Modernity team, raised the issue of the lack of beds for female students in the Safi Multidisciplinary College university district, and the absence of any university district for students. In a written question addressed to “Abdul Latif Mirawi”, the Minister of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation, regretfully demanded the expansion of the university district, pointing out that most of the female students and male students come from fragile circles. not to mention the geographical distance, in light of the high rental prices. He said: “The multiplicity of tributaries in the Safi region, and the resulting increase in demand for university education, and the enrollment of a large number of female and male students in university, is a direct reason for the shortage in university .district in my regret”. In order to provide students with the available means to continue and organize their university life, adds Bouktaya, “it has become necessary to think about the expansion of the university campus, which is a great incentive to complete university studies, for these male students and feminine.”