The government embarks on an assessment of the state of disability in Morocco, in preparation for the development of a new information system for the issuance of its cards

The government has launched a new disability evaluation system in Morocco, and this system will be the main reference for the issuance of the disability card.

In this context, the Ministry of Solidarity has concluded the preparation of the evaluation instruments that will be adopted to determine the status of a person with a disability in accordance with the standards of the World Health Organization, among which the information sheet stands out, and work on evaluating health aspects and factors of social participation, in addition to evaluating environmental factors.

The Ministry of Solidarity, Social Integration and Family is preparing the development of two guides for the use of evaluation tools, the first for medical supervisors of health evaluation and the second for social workers who supervise the evaluation of social participation factors.

In this sense, the Minister of Solidarity has revealed, during the presentation of the sub-budget project for the 2023 financial year, before the Social Sectors Commission of the House of Representatives, the tests of evaluation tools at the employment level in Rabat and the province. of Kenitra during the month of April 2022, with the participation of people with disabilities and after organizing two training days for local actors.

It is also planned, in accordance with these new variables, to prepare a book of tolerances for the different structures and committees in charge of implementing or managing the disability evaluation system.

In relation to the evaluation of the state of disability in Morocco, a review is also carried out in the book of tolerances in support of associations that work in the field of schooling for children with disabilities, in order to improve the situation of workers social and educational.

It is planned, according to the Ministry of Solidarity, to launch an information system for the granting of the disability card, and for this a draft decree will be drawn up for the issuance of the disability card, in parallel to the preparation of the book information system tolerance. necessary to manage the disability assessment system.