The police frustrate the smuggling of more than two million narcotic pills in the port of Tanger-Med

On Friday, November 4, the national security services at the port of Tangier-Med managed to prevent an international smuggling operation involving a large shipment of psychotropic substances, seizing a total of 2,018,500 Captagon narcotic pills.

Surveillance and inspection procedures initiated by the National Security Services gave rise to the suspicion of the cargo of a cargo container, which was on board a ship flying the flag of a European country, which took off from a port in Lebanon and was heading to a port in a West African country.

The inspection process, which was carried out with trained police dogs, allowed the discovery and seizure of shipments of contraband psychotropic substances wrapped and hidden inside drums containing consumable materials.

It entrusted the investigation and investigation of this case to the jurisdiction of the Tangier Judicial Police under the supervision of the competent Prosecutor’s Office, in order to detect all the people linked to the criminal network involved in the attempted smuggling of these large shipments of psychotropic substances, as well as to identify their intersections and their regional and international links.

The implementation of this qualitative security operation is part of the continuous efforts that the interests of the General Directorate of National Security carry out to combat the international smuggling of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, and neutralize the risks and threats of transnational organized crime networks.