Older people constitute a human capital that can remain active and benefit from their experience – Hoy 24

Awatef Hayar, Minister of Solidarity, Social Integration and Family, said that older people constitute human capital, which can be benefited and valued for their experiences.

This was in response to a question about “improving the conditions for the social integration of the elderly and people with special needs” presented by the kinetic team in the Chamber of Councillors, where the minister recorded that the focus of the new government is to preserve older people to remain active people who can benefit.

On the other hand, the minister indicated that the government added 7 million dirhams to the allocations for the care of the elderly by signing alliances with 40 care institutions, which house 6,000 beneficiaries.

In the same context, the minister indicated that her ministry has also worked on the legal framework of these institutions by activating the legal requirements related to a notebook for institutions that welcome the elderly, and the training of workers in the sector. through a program that includes the rehabilitation of 1,000 assistants and social assistance.

The minister pointed out that the new trend in this field is to care for the elderly within their families, so that the social worker cares for them among their families of origin or foster families, while at the same time providing economic support to these families to care for the elders. .