An open sit-in of three unions within the OCP administration, to my regret, today 24

Three unions are holding an open sit-in at the OCP in Safi, accusing the local administration of obstructing workers’ interests and demolishing local and national dialogues with them.

“Al-Youm 24” learned that representatives of the three unions have entered a sit-in since yesterday, Thursday, in front of the office of the local director of Asfi, and they will not finish their sit-in until “all the demands of our workers featured in the productive units are taken care of”, says a trade unionist in contact with him.

This is related to the National University of the Phosphate Sector of the National Labor Union (UNTM), the National Union of Phosphates of the General Union of Workers (UGTM), and the Democratic Union of Phosphates of the Democratic Federation of Labor (FDT) .

According to the demonstrators, the accumulation of a series of files related to the demands of the Phosphates were put on the table of officials of the local administration, some of them in the Directorate of Human Resources, which were treated for the lack of transparency and clarity. dedicated to patronage and nepotism, one of the most important reasons for this open sit-in.

Among the demands that the protesting unions seek to achieve, according to one of the protesters, is “the protection of workers’ representatives against malicious judicial monitoring, non-selectivity in the treatment of files and non-bias in favor of of one union over another, and in order to meet the transfer requests that some workers placed years ago in the administration, and for the health and safety of the workers in the face of the catastrophic conditions of the productive units.”