More than 51 billion cents to pay the salaries of parliamentarians and parliament employees for the year 2023 – today 24

Aziz Akhannouch’s government has allocated around 59 billion and 600 million cents to the parliament’s budget for next year.

Of which, the Council Speaker, Rashid Talbi Al-Alami, allocated 51 billion cents to the salaries of representatives and employees, at the rate of about 85 percent, including compensation, insurance and contributions to social funds.

2,000 million cents were allocated for support expenses granted to parliamentary teams and groups to cover study, research and documentation expenses, according to the budget chapters included in a report published this Friday by the Finance and Economic Development Committee of the House of Representatives .

About 5,000 million 700 million cents have been earmarked to cover the travel expenses of the deputies abroad, the reception of foreign delegations, hotel and food expenses, and the annual participation of the Council in regional and international institutions and organizations.

Some 800 million cents have been earmarked to equip the city council offices with information devices, provide them with information programs and systems, and cover the costs of maintaining and managing the information, in addition to covering the costs of editing, translation and advertising .